Customizing Medications 

No patient is the same, so it stands to reason that no medication is the same. Nature’s Apothecary of Ithaca, NY understands that not all patients reach the therapeutic levels their body demands from standard pharmaceuticals, and this is where we come in. 

We work in conjunction with the doctor of the patient to compound medications in order to customize the dosage to improve a patient’s way of life. 

Established by a long-time pharmaceutical employee, our owner became keenly aware of the importance of compounding while completing a rotation in the practice. He realized how beneficial and life-changing compounding can be for patient’s quality of care. 

This is what he wanted to do within his industry to help patients. 

Visit Us 

Visit our storefront located at 301 S. Meadow Street in Ithaca. Here we sell natural skincare products manufactured by local companies to support our community. 

Our supply also includes essential oils and herbal supplements that promote healthy living. These products are also available through our online store.